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Plant Purple Heart to Make Your Garden Pop! An easy plant for beginners

Gardening is one of the best ways to relax your mind and enjoy your life more. Today, I'd like to introduce you to a beautiful purple plant that is very easy to grow.  Tradescantia pallida plant, known as "purple heart" or "purple queen" is a one of my favorite evergreen perennials. This purple plant looks very beautiful all year round and stands out from the other succulents and plants in my green gardens. Its royal purple foliages really make the whole garden pop, particularly in the winter. 

What Is Special About The Sunflower - The National Flower Of Ukraine

Follow Us for Fun Garden Blog and Free Career Advice Blog Table of Contents The sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower Where do sunflowers face at night? Why do sunflowers face east? How to grow bigger sunflowers? The most amazing secret of sunflowers - Fibonacci sequence The sunflower is a amazing and special plant Video - grow my sunflowers from seeds in a pot

Birdwatching at home all year round on this tree

I became an enthusiastic gardener a few years ago and fell in love with plants.   Gardening in my own yard   and   visiting botanical gardens   have brought me so much beauty and joy, keep me curious about new things, inspire me with new ideas about my work and life, and give me pleasant surprises from time to time. I just can't stop talking about plants and gardens even on   my blog about jobs and career . Because I believe that gardening is one of greatest things that can enrich our life, balance our work and life, make us feel really relaxed, connect us with other people and with Mother nature. Watch the Birds Singing on the Tree Original Video without Added Music As of today, I have cumulated hundreds of outdoor and indoor plants. One of my favorite plants is the tree/shrub actually planted by someone else. The previous homeowner planted it in the yard a few years before we moved in. The reason that I like it so much, because it has attracted so many different birds all through

Find this pleasant surprise in your kitchen or at a garden

It’s weekend again and the time to put all our worries about the world and our problems at work behind us for a while. I’d like to share with you the pleasant surprise I found on a sunny day in winter. On the last weekend of January, I was meeting a friend at a botanical garden. I arrived early to check out the rose garden where I enjoyed amazing rose bushes and vines last summer. I was disappointed to see that all the plants have been cut down to about a foot tall of bare branches and twigs. But as an enthusiastic amateur gardener growing hundreds of plants in my own garden, I knew that botanical gardens usually have plants that grow in different seasons so that people can come and  enjoy botanical gardens  anytime of the year and appreciate the different kinds of beauty of Mother Nature. I believed that there must be something blooming in the botanical garden even in this cold winter time.  When my friend arrived, I suggested that we should check the other part of the botanical garde

Enjoy my garden, bird, cat and new look of this blog for one minute

What a great comeback in the stock market this Thursday! Hope you were as relieved and happy for your 401K these two days as I did for mine. After a long week of hard work, it's time to enjoy my garden, flowers, succulents, bird and cat here on your screen, and relax for one minute. On Thursday, it looked like the stock market would fall off the cliff in the morning, and then the invisible hand rescued our 401K accounts and continued its rally on Friday. Our free career advice  blog,   also comes back now after an intensive reconstruction with a new look and updated information.  If you want some career advice for free or are just curious to know the insights on career, jobs, interviews, starting a business, decision making, relationships and more from an engineer turned entrepreneur who has been an executive recruiter and career coach for seasoned and young professionals, visit us regularly at  for the latest posts,  and   follow MichelleYo

Enjoy the beauty and wilderness at this botanical garden for free

Spring is right around the corner, it is the time to visit botanical gardens to find the new growth among the wilderness, and search for the beauty of Mother Nature in your local botanical gardens. Since I found my new passion in gardening and became a plant lover and an enthusiastic volunteer advocator for botanical gardens a few years ago, I have built a small garden in my own yard, filled up my living room, bathroom and the top of my desk with   succulents that easy to care   and other indoor plants I adore. Now you may have already sensed my ambition to bring a garden online to our blog. I believe that engineers and other professionals who spend so much time focusing on our careers need to take a break from time to time and immerse ourselves in nature.     Short Version with Selected Photos I have been visiting different botanical gardens across California with my husband and recording the fun journeys. Last weekend, we went to  the   Regional Parks Botanic Garden   in Berkeley. Ri

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone!

I believe that Valentine's Day is for everyone to celebrate love in their life, not just for romantic relationships. While we're showing affections to our loved ones, we should celebrate our love to Mother Nature. On this day, nobody is alone, Mother Nature is always with you, and always loves you and provide you an abundance and beauty! The following is my present for you and  let's enjoy these beautiful flowers!  Happy Valentine's Day to You!

Albert Einstein:

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

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