Find this pleasant surprise in your kitchen or at a garden

It’s weekend again and the time to put all our worries about the world and our problems at work behind us for a while. I’d like to share with you the pleasant surprise I found on a sunny day in winter.

On the last weekend of January, I was meeting a friend at a botanical garden. I arrived early to check out the rose garden where I enjoyed amazing rose bushes and vines last summer. I was disappointed to see that all the plants have been cut down to about a foot tall of bare branches and twigs. But as an enthusiastic amateur gardener growing hundreds of plants in my own garden, I knew that botanical gardens usually have plants that grow in different seasons so that people can come and enjoy botanical gardens anytime of the year and appreciate the different kinds of beauty of Mother Nature. I believed that there must be something blooming in the botanical garden even in this cold winter time. 

When my friend arrived, I suggested that we should check the other part of the botanical garden to see if anything growing there before we started our jogging. When we were approaching to the upper level of the garden, I was glad to see that a few plants were blooming with yellow flowers. When my friend was ready to leave, I walked closer to the raised flower beds and was pleasantly surprised to see these beautiful plants like large flowers radiated with rainbow of colors - the ornamental kales and cabbages. Different varieties of these flowering kales and cabbages have been planted along the center line of the entire narrow flower beds. They are making a big statement that the flowering veggie like ornamental cabbage or kale is the queen of the garden in winter when rose is gone!

These decorative plants are related to edible kales and cabbages but not as tasty, because they are bred for their pretty faces not for flavor. You can buy flowering kales and cabbages online. I have seen some ornamental kales and cabbages at a couple of garden centers before, but not in such a large quality and variety. They look really amazing in the garden during winter time. You can plant them together in a flower container or on the ground to make your own ornamental kale and cabbage garden. You may want to get the biggest kale and cabbage available if you want to show off your beautiful veggies to your friends. 

Paying a little more attention, you will find a pleasant surprise at a garden or even in your own kitchen. My friend didn't know that kale and cabbages could be so pretty. It may be your first time to notice these wonderful plants too. Now, let’s enjoy these amazing flowering kales and cabbages in the above short video, and remember to follow us on LinkedIn for more interesting posts. 

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